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“Beoordeling Kliniek Dokter Frodo (Behandeling: Fillers)”

I was looking for the top doctor in Amsterdam to correct the structure of my face. The consultation was extensive and we made a clear plan about fillers to contour and lift my face. Doctor Frodo always considers natural results, no one noticed the fillers, what made me come back :) The great treatments, plan, advice and personality of the doctors and of the staff. The atmosphere is great. I also have skin treatments and this whole process corrected my views and routines on taking care my skin and be careful about where I do procedures. I strongly recommend doctor Frodo's clinic.


Kliniek: Kliniek Dokter Frodo

Specialist: Frodo Gaymans (Cosmetisch Arts)

Behandeling: Fillers

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09 oktober 2020

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Goede ervaring, goede behandeling en benadering. Betrouwbaar advies, mooi resultaat!