Frank Plovier

Plastisch Chirurg

A medical graduate since 1996, Doctor Frank Plovier has been specialising in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery since 2002.

Experienced and meticulous, he now has an international reputation.

For Dr Plovier, listening to the patient is a priority. It is a question of understanding his or her request and of granting as much attention and availability to the moment of the first consultation as at the time of the intervention and the follow-up.

When he created Be Clinic, he equipped it with the most modern and the most comfortable facilities. He ensures that the strictest safety standards are adhered to. And he has surrounded himself with an efficient, experienced and welcoming team. The whole, to make sure that the service on offer reflects his personality and that the well-being of the patient is central.

Dr Plovier is registered with the Order of Doctors of Belgium, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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