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“Beoordeling Esthetisch Centrum Jan van Goyen (Behandeling: Neuscorrectie)”

I cannot recommend professor Nolst Trenite highly enough,he is an absolute genius in his field and more importantly he is a pure gentleman.approx eight years ago i had surgery here in Ireland which was an absolute disaster,it left me with a hole on the tip of my nose.

I had six more operations to try and fix this,but with no success.the surgeon told me nothing more could be done and i would have to use fillers for the rest of my life,i was devastated at hearing this.As time went on i got more and more depressed,i couldn't go to the dentist or the beauticians because i was all-ways afraid they would ask me what was wrong with my nose,it was so embarrassing.I used to have to fill my nose with ( maxfactor panstick make-up) every day.I couldn't even go swimming with my children because i was afraid the make-up would come off and people would see the hole i had on my nose.after a long time searching on the Internet,i found a doctor in Waterford ( Munish Shandilya) who put me in touch with prof Nolst Trenite and after a few months i went to Amsterdam for a consultation and i have to say that after being with him i knew i was in the right place.when i went back to Amsterdam for my operation in April of this year i was nervous at the thought of having to go through all of this again but i am so happy now with the result,the hole is gone and i don't have to use( panstick make-up) any more yippee.I have to say that the staff and the care i got while i was in Amsterdam was fantastic,even the after-care i got when i got home was brilliant.I had lost all hope until i met the professor and i cant thank him enough for what he has done for me so if there is anyone out there thinking of having Rhinoplasty,professor Nolst Trenite is the man to see.If you would like to get in touch with me please contact professor Nolst Trenite as he has my permission to give you my number.



Kliniek: Esthetisch Centrum Jan van Goyen

Specialist: Gilbert J. Nolst Trenité (Plastisch Chirurg)

Behandeling: Neuscorrectie

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05 juni 2014

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