Ervaring bij Prins Hendrik Clinic

Beoordeling Fillers


“Nightmare experience!”

I had a truly awful experience with Prins Hendrik Clinic. From the moment I walked in I felt quite uncomfortable and unwelcomed. The receptionist barely acknowledged me even though I was the only client. After a few minutes of waiting, I was led into a room that resembled a study or library more than a medical office. The two doctors loomed over me grimacing at my face and tried to convince me that I needed various treatments in addition to what I was there for (filler for my smile lines). I found this to be quite unprofessional and downright rude. When I politley said no to their pressure for extra treatments, one of the doctors was sticking a needle in my face before I could even blink! They were clearly eager to get me out of their office and I felt extremely rushed. The whole process from the moment I walked in until I left was less than 15 minutes.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the treatment was not even effective! I truly cannot tell any difference in my smile lines after the injection. I've had this treatment done in the past with completely different results. After a couple of weeks, I called back to discuss the result with them and ask wha,t could be done to fix it. No one picked up the phone and I never received any calls back, so eventually I emailed them instead. Their daughter responded and said I could come back into the clinic, but when I gave her my availability she never responded. I sent a follow-up email and received no reply, and I called several times with no answer or call back. It's obvious that they were only after my money, and now that I'm displeased with the fact that they were unprofessional and didn't provide an effective treatment they are ignoring me entirely. I finally just requested a refund for the complete waste of time and money, but I will not be holding my breath for a response.

In the midst of all this drama with Prins Hendrik, I found a fantastic clinic in Amsterdam that has state-of-the-art equipment, extremely friendly and professional staff, and a vast array of services. They also informed me that they have had many clients come to them after terrible experiences with Prins Hendrik. Apparently, Dr. Bucafino is actually an veterinarian (animal doctor) and not even a proper cosmetic surgeon! Please don't waste your time with this HORRID place.

I doubt I'll ever see my money back or even get a response. I hope this warning will help others avoid the same nightmarish experience.


Kliniek: Prins Hendrik Clinic

Specialist: Frank Buccafurno (Arts)

Behandeling: Fillers

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