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“Family vibe”

Review pt: Well from the first day i felt that you guys were nice and accepting. I was very nervous about the stigma about beauty operations. I felt very comfortable during the consultations. First consultation was very informative and I felt i could always talk to you guys. . All the information i received was correct. I knew all the the steps on the way to my surgery. The documents where also very informative and I knew what was happening and what i could expect. The only thing was that on the day of the surgery i did not really had time to wait. When I arrived i was called in to the room for preparations for the surgery. Which for me went quite fast. I thought that i would have to wait in the waiting room first. But overall when dr levan came in everything went very well. I would definitely recommend essential aesthetics. Which I also already did. I found dr. Levan a 100 procent professional. He is just so nice. He will answer all the questions in the best way. And he really took time. You could see that I was'nt just another surgery. The whole process really had a family vibe. I felt very supported all the way. The result is everything I wanted.


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23 oktober 2020

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