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I would like to share my experience at Eberson Hair Clinic. After years of searching information about hair transplant, this year I have decided to go for it. The most difficult part was to decide which clinic or which hair surgeon I should consider. At the end I had chosen Eberson Hair Clinic for several reasons. Firstly, the surgeon had time and patience to answer all my questions. Despite reading so many information about it, there were still some questions that I would like to ask personally to the surgeon. He explained things patiently and clearly. I live in Asia so I had consultation over the phone. Secondly was about the country. I used to live in The Netherlands so I knew that Dutch healthcare providers are good and reliable. I knew I would not have to worry about infections or qualifications of the doctor performing the procedure. Thirdly is the price and quality ratio. This is very important.

The minute I entered the clinic, I felt good about it. The place was clean and sterile. The assistants were very friendly. There is also a lot of privacy which is important in such sensitive procedures. They really understand how to make me feel relax. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. As I am an Asian, it turned out that my skin was too soft. I bled more than usual according the surgeon. As the result, he needed to do the procedures in 3 days. I really appreciated his care and patient. He managed to transplant around 2100 FUE grafts.

Talking about pain, it is manageable. The team kept asking me if I was ok during the procedure. They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't have to bear the pain. Any time I signalled that I felt some pain, they were very responsive and would add the anaesthetic. I was very pleased with it.

Post surgery is also very crucial. I was given a full package of maintenance kit which included the shampoo, hair spray, and aloe vera gel. I had a lot of questions after the procedure and all of them were again patiently answered by Dr Eberson. Even after completing the procedure, he never rushed through anything, but gave me time to ask all questions. He also supplied me with painkillers and clear instructions what to do after procedure.

Today is a month after the surgery. Everything seems to be fine. The healing post procedure was excellent. Hardly noticed by friends or relatives that I have done hair transplant. Now I just need to keep my head clean and wait for the result.


Kliniek: Eberson Hair Clinic

Specialist: Harald Eberson (Haartransplantatie specialist & Medisch directeur Eberson Hair Clinic.)

Behandeling: Haartransplantatie

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04 oktober 2014

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